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The picture which shows the 01.43.02 baseband.

An iPhone 3G baseband, which is in no known iOS firmware. It was found on an Apple support article called "iPhone: Locating the serial number, IMEI, and ICCID number". It looks like it's running 2.0.X, because the EDGE logo has a blue background and the "E" is grey (This was replaced in iOS 2.1 with a blue "E" and no background). It's almost the same baseband as in the iPhone OS 2.0 firmware for the iPhone 3G (01.45.00), but it has an earlier version, so it was in an iOS before iPhone OS 2.0, but iPhone OS 2.0 was the first public Firmware for the iPhone 3G, so maybe it was in a private iPhone OS 2.0 beta.

Apple support article