Apple Watch Series 3

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Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch Series 3 was first introduced at Apple's "Let's meet at our place" keynote on 12 September 2017.

Internally, the Apple Watch Series 3 is referred to as N111sAP (Watch3,1 - 38mm Cellular), N111bAP (Watch3,2 - 42mm Cellular), N121sAP (Watch3,3 - 38mm), and N121bAP (Watch3,4 - 42mm).

Application Processor[edit source]

The Apple Watch Series 3 makes use of the T8004 (S3) Processor. It also contains a GPS module, and on cellular models an LTE chip.

Exploitation[edit source]

The T8004 Processor found inside the S3 watch is vulnerable to checkm8. By connecting it to macOS via an iBUS adapter, the watch can be kicked into "pwned DFU mode" via ipwndfu.

A public jailbreak using this vulnerability on watchOS has not yet been developed, and no tools outside of ipwndfu itself support Apple Watch firmware, yet.

Specifications[edit source]

  • Display: Retina OLED
  • Screen: Ion-X glass or sapphire crystal
  • Compatibility (GPS): iOS 11 or later running on an iPhone 5s or newer
  • Compatibility (GPS+LTE): iOS 11 or later running on an iPhone 6 or newer

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