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About[edit source]

In this page, you'll find some Baseband Commands. You can use them with Minicom 2.2, that can be found on Cydia.

Setting up Minicom 2.2[edit source]

  1. After installing Minicom from Cydia, make sure the folder /usr/etc exists. SSH into your iPhone and then, type: minicom -s.
  2. Now, select Serial Port Setup in the Menu and press Enter. Then, press "a" and set Serial Device to /dev/tty.debug (however, /dev/dlci.spi-baseband.extra_13 or /dev/dlci.spi-baseband.extra_0 also works and appears to be more reliable than the other device).
  3. Press Esc, and in the Main Menu, select Save setup as dfl. Now, select "exit".
  4. To run minicom using ssh, just run minicom -w

Running Minicom 2.2 from MobileTerminal[edit source]

Note: minicom does work on MobileTerminal only on root (use su) and only after it has been configured (through the steps above).

  1. Open
  2. Run the command su, enter your root password (default alpine) and then run minicom -w.
  3. To exit minicom, slide your finger on the screen ("gesture") to the bottom right (if you haven't changed this setting in MobileTerminal settings), then press A, X and enter.

How to run Baseband Commands[edit source]

First, run Minicom. Then, type "at" and press Enter. Then, you can type the command that you want, have fun.

Baseband Commands[edit source]


Getting Information[edit source]

  • at+xgendata: Display some baseband informations
  • at&v: Display the profiles in the Baseband (Active Profile, Stored Profile 0 and Stored Profile 1)
  • at+clac: Show some baseband commands
  • at&h: Show more Baseband Commands
  • at+cgsn: Show serial number from BBUpdaterExtreme
  • at+xdrv=9,3: Command from BBUpdaterExtreme
  • at+cpwroff: Powercycle baseband modem from BBUpdaterExtreme
  • at+csq: Get signal strength from BBUpdaterExtreme

Unlock[edit source]

  • at+clck: Traditional unlock command
  • at+xlock: Wildcard unlock
  • at+xsimstate: Print lock state (write at+xsimstate=1 to turn on, at+xsimstate=0 to turn off)

SMS[edit source]

  • at+cmgf: SMS operating mode (at+cmgf=0 - PDU, at+cmgf=1 - text)
  • at+cmgs: Send SMS (write at+cmgs="[PHONE NUMBER]"[ENTER][MESSAGE][CTRL-Z] while [ENTER] is an enter (\r\n) and [CTRL-Z] is ASCII 26)

General[edit source]

  • atz: Reset modem
  • ath: Hangup modem