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The Icon@2x.png file in this folder

This is a jailbreak program for devices running iOS 3.1 - 3.1.3.





  • appList2.plist
  • banner.png - This banner displays in the app at the top.
  • BgBig.png - This image is the background of the blackra1n and limera1n app.
  • blackra1nApp - This is the actual binary.
  • blackra1nApp_ - This app does something along with blackra1nApp.
  • blackra1nAppExtractor
  • checkmark.png - The checkmark that appears when you select Cydia/Icy1/Rock1 to install on your device from within blackra1n or limera1n
  • Default.png - This image is used while blackra1n or limera1n loads.
  • Icon.png/Icon@2x.png2 - This is the icon that displays on your SpringBoard after jailbreaking with limera1n or blackra1n
  • IconPlaceholder.png - This image is used when blackra1n or limera1n is trying to load the icon for the installer (Icons: Cydia, Rock, Icy)
  • Info.plist
  • status.png

1 blackra1n only

2 limera1n only