Bootrom Dumper Utility

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The Bootrom Dumper Utility (short BDU) is an application that will create a copy (aka dump) of the Bootrom of compatible devices on the local machine from where the application is run.



Geohot for limera1n

Info / Instructions[edit]

It's possible to extend the compatibility to older devices as well (iPhone 3GS, iPod (3rd generation)) by changing:

  • the offset to the call of usb_wait_for_image in payload.S
0x7ef @ A4 devices: iPad, iPhone 4, Apple TV (2nd generation), iPod touch (4th generation)
0x8b7 @ iPod touch (3rd generation)
0x8b7 @ iPhone 3GS new bootrom
0x8b7 @ iPhone 3GS old bootrom
0x82c @ iPod touch (2nd generation) new bootrom
0x82d @ iPod touch (2nd generation) old bootrom
  • exploit offsets in bdu.c
// A4:
#define EXPLOIT_LR 0x8403BF9C
#define LOADADDR_SIZE 0x2C000
// iPod touch (2nd generation):
#define EXPLOIT_LR 0x22000000
#define LOADADDR_SIZE 0x24000
// iPod touch (3rd generation):
#define EXPLOIT_LR 0x84033F98
#define LOADADDR_SIZE 0x24000
// iPhone 3GS new bootrom:
#define EXPLOIT_LR 0x84033FA4
#define LOADADDR_SIZE 0x24000