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Internet Plug-Ins is a directory in /System/Library/ and /Library/ that contains plug-ins for WebKit. As of iOS 6 and 7, the only default plugin there is QuickTime.

Structure of an Internet Plug-In

Internet plug-ins should have an extension of .webplugin. The principal class should be a subclass of UIView and adopts the WebPlugInViewFactory and WebPlugIn protocols:

@protocol WebPlugInViewFactory <NSObject>

@protocol WebPlugIn



// UIKit extras
-(BOOL)webPlugInReceivesEventsDirectly;   // inform UIKit that this plug-in should handle the events directly.
-(void)webPlugInLayout;   // similar to UIView's -layoutSubview
-(void)webPlugInDidDraw;  // similar to UIView's -drawRect:

The Info.plist should contain some keys starting with WebPlugin…. See [1] for detail.