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Sometimes people write about tweak development outside of the iPhoneDevWiki - weird. But that's still great, so here are links to blogs that have interesting articles to read.

It would be nice for somebody to set up a "planet" blog aggregator for these blogs. See Planet Mozilla for an example of this kind of aggregator. If you make that, link it here!

See also: Getting Started#Some guides on other sites

Extension (tweak) developers[edit]

Links to posts that might be interesting (as of August 2014).

Currently Active Links[edit]

  • bensge - developer of tweaks including auki, Velox, ayra and WiPi.
  • chpwn - developer of tweaks including Zephyr, Infinidock, and Gridlock.
  • insanj - developer of tweaks including Circlet, Dated, Orangered, SleepyAlarm, and Snooze.
  • sharedInstance - group blog including Aehmlo, Bensge, CoolStar, FTO, Idhanta, and kirb.
  • Tweak Demos and Instructions

Archived (via The Wayback Machine)[edit]

The links below are no longer "live", or redirect to trojans or advertisements, but thanks to, you can view the previous versions of the page below.

  • bd452 - developer of tweaks including ByPass, QuickYo, LockIt, and TapTapPass.
  • eswick - developer of tweaks including OS Experience.
  • theiostream - developer of tweaks including Caffeine 2 and SearchCommands.

Jailbreak developers[edit]


  • Satori - Random bloggery of anything iOS related