Dev:Updating extensions for iOS 9.3.3

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Unlike previous instances of "Updating extensions for iOS X", this specific version has several internal changes as well as a different public jailbreak method which demands a separate page for it.

What has changed in iOS 9.3.3? (Classes, frameworks, etc.)

  • SBUIController's -finishLaunching ceased to exist. Consider using notifications to perform initializations of your tweaks if you were hooking this method. (,, SBSpringBoardDidLaunchNotification,,, are some of the notifications to register for.)
  • SpringBoard's -_relaunchSpringBoardNow ceased to exist. Use [[FBSystemService sharedInstance] exitAndRelaunch:YES] (AFAIK there is no difference between YES and NO at the end).
  • To reboot, use [[FBSystemService sharedInstance] shutdownAndReboot:YES] and to shutdown, use [[FBSystemService sharedInstance] shutdownAndReboot:NO]
  • SBOrientationLockManager's -isLocked ceased to exist. There is now -isUserLocked (without lock override check) and -isEffectivelyLocked (with lock override check).
  • SBScreenShotter has been replaced with SBScreenshotManager. An instance of SBScreenshotManager is available through SpringBoard's screenshotManager property. To take a screenshot, use SBScreenshotManager's saveScreenshotsWithCompletion: method
  • SBWallpaperController now applies styles based on the current bundleIdentifier, rather than globally. For example: [wallpaperController setHomescreenStyle:1 priority:5 withAnimationFactory:nil]; becomes [wallpaperController setHomescreenStyle:1 forBundleIdentifier:@"" withPriority:5 animationFactory:nil];