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Waiting For Custom Firmware

iBooty Version earlier then 1.8[edit source]

It was a utility to aid in jailbreaking all new bootrom devices on iOS 3.1.2.

"Boot it!" Function[edit source]

iBooty uploads the payload which is a pwned 3.1.2 iBoot and then uploads iBEC and jumps to it. It resets the connection and then uploads and sets up the device tree. Now it uploads and sets up iH8sn0w's logo. Finally, it uploads the kernelcache for it to boot the device.

"Prepare" Function[edit source]

It uploads the payload, then the iBEC, and uploads and prepares the logo, which notifies you to begin the restore process.

iBooty Version later then 2.0[edit source]

Utility to boot tethered jailbroken device

  1. Exploits bootrom with limera1n/steaks4uce exploits
  2. Uploads the pwned LLB that jumps to a pwned iBoot image that was flashed upon restore with the custom sn0wbreeze restore.

Resources[edit source]

There's an open-source version of iBooty by Fallensn0w available at @github[dead link]
This "version" of iBooty lets the user to do "booty callz!" on any OS. (Mac, Linux, Windows).