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Launched12 October 2011 (2011-10-12); 12 years ago
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iCloud Terms of Use

iCloud is a set of cloud services integrated with Apple platforms, launched alongside iOS 5 as the successor to MobileMe. It provides 5 GB of storage to all users, with 50 GB, 200 GB, and 2 TB storage tiers available by subscribing to iCloud+.

Its services include:

  • iCloud Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Notes, and Reminders
  • iCloud Drive (general file storage)
  • iCloud Photos
  • iCloud for Messages (full Messages conversations backup)
  • iCloud Music Library (music library backup, formerly iTunes in the Cloud)
  • Find My
  • iCloud Keychain
  • Device backup and settings sync
  • Data sync for various Apple and third-party apps

It additionally provides infrastructure for features such as Handoff.

iCloud+ subscribers additionally receive these services:

  • Private Relay (VPN-like service)
  • HomeKit Secure Video (home security camera footage backup)
  • Family Sharing of iCloud storage and all other iCloud+ benefits

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