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Original author(s)Chris Wade (cmw)
Developer(s)Chris Wade
Written inC

iEmu was a project started by cmw that worked to get iOS booting in QEMU, "a generic and open source machine emulator and virtualizer." The project aimed to support all devices (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Apple TV (2nd generation)).

iEmu was succeeded by an emulation-as-a-service company called Virtual[1], later acquired by Citrix[2]. Most recently, at TenSec 2017, Wade demoed a successful restore of an emulated iPhone 6, followed by attaching an IDA debugger to the emulated iPhone’s running kernel.


The project's website, was a MediaWiki installation run by cmw. It was very simple and didn't contain much information about the project. The last available archive of the main page is dated 13 December 2013. The next archive, dated 17 December 2013, is broken.


Sometime between 13 December 2013 and 19 December 2013, the domain was bought up by "Jailbreak.Me", which is owned by cmw.[3]