iTunes Modes

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iTunes seems to have different "modes" hidden inside of it. None of them are useful for unlocking, jailbreaking, etc. This is more of a fun article, just because we are tinkering around with something that we should not be. Please note that:

  • You will need to restart iTunes after changing these settings.
  • You can download a GUI for doing these actions on Windows over here[dead link].
  • This is an initial study compiled by chronic.

Turning them off

In any of the parts of this article that show a command used to turn on an iTunes mode via terminal, then to turn them off, all you have to do is replace YES in that command with NO (1 with 0 for Windows).

Store Activation Mode

This mode is flipped on for the iTunes versions installed in Apple Stores computers and official carrier stores. It is used to activate iPhones (iPhone 3G and newer) and iPads (Wi-Fi + 3G models). If you enable this mode and connect an activated device you'll get a warning and the device will be automatically ejected.

Mac: defaults write StoreActivationMode -bool YES
Win: "%ProgramFiles%\iTunes\iTunes.exe" /setPrefInt StoreActivationMode 1

Store Genius Mode

This is probably used at the Genius Bar in Apple Stores. If you enable this mode and connect an activated device you'll see the "Welcome to iPhone/iPad/iPod touch" screen. Clicking on "Continue" ejects the device.

Mac: defaults write StoreGeniusMode -bool YES
Win: "%ProgramFiles%\iTunes\iTunes.exe" /setPrefInt StoreGeniusMode 1

Store Demo Mode

This is probably used on demo Macs in Apple Stores. It just prevents a device from being backed up.

Mac: defaults write iTunesStoreDemoMode -bool YES
Win: "%ProgramFiles%\iTunes\iTunes.exe" /setPrefInt iTunesStoreDemoMode 1

Device Backups Disabled

This seems to be the same as Store Demo Mode.

Mac: defaults write DeviceBackupsDisabled -bool YES
Win: "%ProgramFiles%\iTunes\iTunes.exe" /setPrefInt DeviceBackupsDisabled 1

Nike Kiosk Mode

Syncing is not allowed under this mode. Judging by the name, it's probably meant for Nike stores (to pitch Nike+).

Mac: defaults write NikeKioskMode -bool YES
Win: "%ProgramFiles%\iTunes\iTunes.exe" /setPrefInt NikeKioskMode 1

Carrier Test Mode

In this mode, old versions of iTunes used to allow you to select iTunes Carrier files when you Shift / Option clicked Restore iPhone. This allowed to restore Carrier Settings (.ipcc files) from any carrier providing they are signed by Apple (on a non-jailbroken iPhone). With newer versions of iTunes, you can do this without having to enable Carrier Test Mode.

Mac: defaults write carrier-testing -bool YES
Win: "%ProgramFiles%\iTunes\iTunes.exe" /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1