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LCMFlicker is an application that is present on older firmwares such as HoodooYabuli 9B3176n, but is mostly hidden on SwitchBoard firmwares based on 7.0 and up. Upon opening, the application will immediately turn up the brightness of the screen to max. It then displays the words "Heating up..." and starts a timer in the top left corner showing how long it has been running. It also shows the PID output, setpoint, and current temperature of the device. The temperature will also start to rise rather quickly, therefore it is recommended that you don't run this app for too long. (You can exit the app by hard resetting.)

Inside LCMFlicker

The Contents of This App

CodeResources		       _internal_green.png
Info.plist		       _internal_red.png
LCMFlicker		       _internal_screensaver1.png
LCMFlicker-Settings.plist      _internal_screensaver2.png
PkgInfo                        _internal_screensaver3.png
_CodeSignature                 _internal_screensaver4.png
_internal_LCMFlicker.png       _internal_screensaver5.png
_internal_black.png            _internal_screensaver6.png