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Loader is an application installed by greenpois0n. It is added via the jailbreak ramdisk, and can download and install Cydia.

Once Cydia is installed an option is given to remove Loader.app as Cydia will now run fine without it.


  1. A file called sources.plist is downloaded from http://cache.saurik.com/greenpois0n/sources.plist
  2. The sources plist is read and a list of installable software is retrieved
  3. *user taps Cydia*
  4. The Cydia archive (a tgz file that will later be extracted) is downloaded from the defined URL (in the current sources plist it is http://cache.saurik.com/greenpois0n/cydia.tgz to /tmp/loader_package.tar.gz
  5. The TGZ file is extracted to /tmp/loader_package.tar
  6. loader_package.tar is extracted to /
  7. If the device is an iPad the K48AP.plist file is patched to allow non-default apps
  8. The opportunity to remove Loader is offered