OTA Updates/Apple TV/4.1.1

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NOTE: "Marketing Version" is the version that the Apple TV reports in its "About" screen.

Apple TV (2nd generation)[edit]

Version Build Prerequisite Build Release Date OTA Download URL File Size
Marketing Internal
4.1.1 4.2.1 8C152 ? appletv2,1_fullreplacement_8c152.ipsw 275,480,989
8C150 appletv2,1_8c150_to_8c152.ipsw 26,965,783
8C154 14 December 2010 appletv2,1_fullreplacement_8c154.ipsw 275,487,253
8C150 appletv2,1_8c150_to_8c154.ipsw 26,667,799