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iPod touch (5th generation)[edit]

Version Build Prerequisite Version Prerequisite Build Release Date OTA Download URL File Size
7.1 11D167[1] 7.1 beta 5 11D5145e 10 March 2014 42ca36a6354058886132151bc39c0cd95697d83a.zip 1,268,117,277
7.0 11A465 d92825361d6ba377d746ef70d6f3652729069432.zip 210,830,024
7.0.2 11A501 fba107fcd6a947ab29cc3f8505b77fcf212f43a6.zip 211,276,511
7.0.3 11B511 6271c22c81cd950b10f322e88cf93602c9e21a79.zip 204,181,811
7.0.4 11B554a 32c79bfb88cc411c21fce80254894c7ed541b81f.zip 204,066,334
7.0.6 11B651 39a04775e5e603cd93b9429043318e57a611cebb.zip 204,051,150
7.1 11D159 badfb87cdf427e529cd9a8d74f1f9110adfcbe97.zip[2] 14,659,754


  1. ^ Apple inflated the build number in its mesu.apple.com listing, presumably to make the device recognize the update. (e.g. 11D167 was listed as 11D5167.) The listings on this page use the build number displayed on the device.
  2. ^ This release was never actually published; it was discovered from a technical leak.