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iPod touch (5th generation)[edit source]

Version Build Prerequisite Version Prerequisite Build Release Date Release Type OTA Download URL File Sizes
8.0.2 12A405[1] 8.0.2 beta 5[2] 12A4345d 25 September 2014 Beta f690b22b18417340c215137c0924396498e936d0.zip 1,725,043,886
7.1 11D167 70bf6147ed9a9194afb2992bd65072729d0538b2.zip 1,004,662,209
7.1.1 11D201 bda83ef3be4a541ec15165b35c7dffd75a37d318.zip 1,004,585,415
7.1.2 11D257 4538376fb629cbebb950335b0ee25dfcd202e9c6.zip 1,004,572,080
8.0 12A365 b351273a2d9b16a9d0aabcca12effc7dc8f96230.zip 69,503,821
8.0.1 12A402 baec9774234f0c5b7a25ba492c4beea8b69e3894.zip 15,056,959

Notes[edit source]

  1. ^ Apple inflated the build number in its mesu.apple.com listing, presumably to make the device recognize the update. (e.g. 12F61 was listed as 12F5061.) The listings on this page use the build number displayed on the device.
  2. ^ Despite this being the build number for 8.0 beta 5, the target version (8.0.1/8.0.2) was mistakenly referenced.