Open Source Jailbreaking Tools

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In the spirit of the iPhoneDevWiki's list of open source tweaks, this is a list of open source jailbreaking tools (and tool components) for researchers and developers to study.

Project Source Author Compatibility Updated (As of March 2014) License Short description
Absinthe on OpenJailbreak Archived 2015-01-02 at the Wayback Machine Dream Team 5.0-5.0.1/5.1.1 ? ? jailbreaking tool
amfi_interpose on Github comex, winocm, and chpwn 5.0 to 6.1 September 2013 ? "aka failbreak — a portable, fully userland jailbreak for (around) 5.0 to 6.1" (see also failbreak)
Chronic Dev team projects on Github various ? ? ? a bunch of projects, many overlapping with the ones on OpenJailbreak
greenpois0n on OpenJailbreak Archived 2015-03-17 at the Wayback Machine Chronic Dev Team ? ? GPLv3 jailbreaking tool
libimobiledevice website pimskeks and others ? ? GPL "a cross-platform software protocol library and tools to communicate with iOS® devices natively"
OpenJailbreak list of projects Archived 2014-02-13 at the Wayback Machine p0sixninja and others ? ? (various) a big list of libraries used in jailbreaking tools
opensn0w on Github Archived 2015-06-26 at the Wayback Machine winocm and others ? 12 March 2014 GPL "an open-source jailbreaking utility designed for platform-independence"
p0sixspwn on Github winocm, ih8sn0w, and others 6.1.3-6.1.5 30 December 2013 GPL jailbreaking tool
Star and Saffron on Github comex ? ? ? JailbreakMe jailbreaks
unthredera1n on Github or on OpenJailbreak Archived 2015-03-17 at the Wayback Machine UnthreadedJB ? ? GPLv3 jailbreaking tool
daibutsu on Github Dora2-iOS 8.4.1 32bit ? MIT jailbreaking tool
p0laris on Github spv 9.3.5/9.3.6 32bit 20 April 2022 GPLv3 jailbreaking tool
Blizzard on GitHub GeoSn0w 9.0 - 9.3.6, 32-bit 25 July 2022 GPLv3 jailbreaking tool
Yalu102 on Github qwertyoruiopz and marcograssi 10.0-10.1.1 A10, 10.0-10.2 A9X- ? WTFPL jailbreaking tool
Odyssey on Github Odyssey Team 13.0-13.7 28 August 2020 BSD-3 jailbreaking tool
Fugu on Github Linus Henze 13.0-13.5.1 A10/A10X 2 February 2020 GPLv3 jailbreaking tool
Taurine on Github Odyssey Team 14.0-14.3 1 April 2021 BSD-4 jailbreaking tool
Fugu14 on Github Linus Henze 14.2-14.5.1 24 October 2021 MIT jailbreaking tool
Fugu15 on Github Linus Henze 15.0-15.5b3, A12+ 31 October 2022 MIT jailbreaking tool
palera1n on Github palera1n Team 15.0-16.4 3 October 2022 MIT jailbreaking tool