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Built-in Operator screen in Alpine 1A420's SkankPhone app
The Operator icon
The updated/alternate Operator icon

Operator.app is a part of Apple internal diagnostic utilities suite. It shows the status of device parts, and eventually shows details about each component. It was accidentally shipped on many iPod touch retail devices, probably because they went through quality control in factory and tester forgot to restore to the retail IPSW. Operator comes with some INXS sound samples (from the album The year 1979-1997). It's generally located in AppleInternal/Applications/.

  • Need you tonight
  • New sensation
  • The gift
  • What you need

Newer versions of Operator come loaded with more features and four Asian pop songs.

Operator on iPod touch[edit]

The day of the launch, numerous iPod touches shipped with Operator on them. In order to get it off, you just did a restore. A few of these were sold on eBay.

Operator on iPhone 6 Devices[edit]

There have been a few cases in which iPhone 6's have been shipped with Operator. The contents of Operator.app on those devices:

Info.plist			_internal_leftarrow.png
Operator			_internal_lens.png
Operator-SignedConfig		_internal_lightbulb.png
PkgInfo				_internal_lock_bottom.png
ResourceRules.plist		_internal_lock_top.png
TestMusic1.mp3			_internal_mesa.png
TestMusic2.mp3			_internal_nikeplus.png
TestMusic3.mp3			_internal_pattern.png
TestMusic4.mp3			_internal_phosphorous.png
_CodeSignature			_internal_rightarrow.png
_internal_Operator.png		_internal_rotterdam.png
_internal_audiojack.png		_internal_serial.png
_internal_cover.png		_internal_small_lens.png
_internal_dockconnector.png	_internal_speaker.png
_internal_ear.png		_internal_stockholm.png
_internal_earpods.png		_internal_strobe.png
_internal_earpods_active.png	_internal_touchzone.png
_internal_fingerprint.png	_internal_vibrator.png
_internal_headphones.png	com.apple.Operator.plist

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