S5L8720 (VROM)

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The iPod touch (2nd generation) bootrom runs on iBoot v240.4, which is from somewhere after 1.1.4 and after 2.0 beta 4. It maps itself to 0x0, and stores any global variables (Permissions flags, min / max addrs, image / bdev list, USB power on state, etc.) at 0x22000000.


Firmware Parsing[edit]

  • It seems to only support AES-128 KBAGs, versus current iBoots which also support AES-192 and AES-256 KBAGs. Interestingly, it seems to make space for up to an AES-256 KBAG (0x30; 0x10 for IV, 0x20 for key) when creating a buffer for it, but the code itself does a check and will error if it is not AES-128.