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Developer(s)Abraham Masri (@cheesecakeufo)
Initial release15 October 2017; 6 years ago
Final release
beta 3 / 10 December 2017; 5 years ago
Operating systemiOS
Available inEnglish
TypeJailbreaking[dead link]

Saïgon is a semi-untethered jailbreak for certain 64-bit devices, running iOS 10.2.1, developed by cheesecakeufo. Saïgon works by sideloading an IPA using Cydia Impactor. The first beta was released on 15 October 2017. It was announced that support for iPhone 6s on iOS 10.3.1 would come in the future.

Originally based on Adam Donenfeld’s ziVA exploit, Saïgon has been based on Siguza’s v0rtex exploit since beta 3.

cheesecakeufo no longer provides updates for Saïgon, and has open-sourced the jailbreak on GitHub[1].

Version Change Log

Version Date Changes
beta 1 15 October 2017
beta 2 21 October 2017
  • Fix for camera not working after jailbreaking
  • Support for iPhone 6s Plus/iPad mini 4/iPad Air 2
  • Minor bug fixes and changes
  • Slightly better at escaping sandbox
  • Option to reinstall Cydia by holding 'jailbreak' button then tapping it again
  • Display device model and version
beta 2 revision 1
beta 3 10 December 2017
  • Significantly better success rate using new exploit (v0rtex)
  • Support for more devices (not tested)
  • Complete re-write of the application

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