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SemiRestore9, created by CoolStar, resets most content on your device for iOS 5.0-9.1. It is not a full-fledged restore, but will revert most things to their default state while maintaining the device's current firmware. SemiRestore9 requires OpenSSH to be installed and does not require SHSH blobs. The advantage of SemiRestore9 over a normal restore, is that the iOS version will not be updated and the device will be left jailbroken, but all user installed tweaks removed.


Version OS Download Changelog
1.0 Windows MEGA Initial release.
1.0.1 Windows MEGA Fixes connection issues and now checks the required libraries are installed.
1.0.2 Windows MEGA Now uses a random port instead of 2022.
1.0.3 Windows MEGA Fixes "Connecting to device" error affecting some users.
1.0.4 Windows MEGA Fixes detection of iPad mini 4.
macOS MEGA Initial release.
GNU/Linux MEGA Fixes detection of iPad mini 4.
1.0.4-3 OS X MEGA Allow running on non-hackintoshes

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