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  1. `launchd` services

launchd list[edit]

Name Path First Appeared Description AddressBook database repair /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/AdminLite.framework/Resources/AdminLiteTool Turns on / off setting boot-args Apple ID Bluetooth Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) iCloud Pairing for AirPods etc. Bluetooth Message Access Profile (MAP) Bluetooth Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP) Camera QR code reader Deal with the radios Find phone numbers, shipping tracking codes Collect logs from the Baseband if it crashes Reads kernel panics from block storage and writes to log Generic Security Services Update attached accessories like Haywire AMFI Move crash reports from devices like the Apple Watch Send crash reports to Apple Smart Card helper SpringBoard They keyboard Accessibility Hearing aid accessability Handle accessories via USB / Lightning /usr/libexec/adid /usr/libexec/afcd Apple File Conduit Create aggregate logs /usr/libexec/airtunesd iTunes library sharing AuthKit /usr/libexec/adprivacyd iAd privacy /usr/libexec/adservicesd iAd services /usr/libexec/adservicesd Camera handler App Store Apple Push Service /usr/libexec/asd Apple System Log /usr/libexec/atc Air Traffic Control /usr/libexec/atwakeup iMessage / iCloud profile photos Apple Wireless Diagnostics Daemon /usr/libexec/backboardd FaceID iCloud Documents Bluetooth Handle captive WiFi login Core Foundation networking Core Foundation preference sync iCloud iCloud photo library /usr/libexec/configd Provide contacts from a sync provider Contacts handler Mange App and Group containers WiFi / Bluetooth diagnostic capture /usr/libexec/coreidvd Daemon for the CoreIDV private framework (probably "identity verification" for Apple Pay) Cloud Token Kit daemon /usr/libexec/dasd Duet Activity Scheduler Daemon (related to DuetActivityScheduler.framework) Handles data conversion after OS update Figure out what profile to present when the device is connected via USB DeviceCheck Diagnostics Manage diagnostic extensions Distributed notificaions Differential Privacy Email daemon Exchange mail/contacts handler Facebook account handler iCloud Family Management Notify UI for family events /usr/libexec/fdrhelper Factory Data Reset Defragment for APFS service Server Message Block client Filesystem events GameKit Geo-fencing GPS iPad Handwriting Recogntion Health App HealthKit HomeKit iAccessory authentication iAccessory Protocol handler Find my iPhone Find my friends Find my friends Offline Find-My /usr/libexec/idamd Make URL requests under identity services without exposing credential Instant Message Agent (iMessage) ? iMessage attachment handler Location services lockdownd Logging Daemon Launch Services daemon /usr/libexec/lskdd Local System Kernel Debug Daemon? /usr/libexec/lskdmsed Local System Kernel Debug Memory Daemon? ? ? Mobile Device Manager daemon Tells you to set a passcode if set from policy .mobileprofile management iTunes Cover Art Environment for OS upgrade migration plugins to run in /usr/libexec/misagent Provisioning profiles Machine Learning modeling daemon .mobileconfig management Erase device via AppleEffacableStorage Get device properties like model / serial iTunes file transfer for application documents Apple Watch backup agent Apple Watch preference syncing Apple Watch application registry (launch services) Apple Watch Software Update Bridge /usr/libexec/neagent Network Extension - Agent /usr/libexec/nearbyd /usr/libexec/nehelper Network Extensions /usr/libexec/nesessionmanager /usr/libexec/networkserviceproxy Apple News /usr/libexec/nfcd Near Field Communications /usr/libexec/nfrestore_service /usr/libexec/ncld Network Link Conditioner Passbook Clipboard / Paseboard Services /usr/libexec/pcapd Packet Capture /usr/libexec/pfd Packet Filter PluginKit First unlock screen ? Picture Transfer Protocol Picture Transfer Protocol VPN Most recently used (MRU) list Game Kit instant replay Create user folder layout from template Historical file revision management AirPlay Spotlight /usr/libexec/securityd Handle keychains etc /usr/libexec/securityuploadd /usr/libexec/seld /usr/libexec/sensorkitd /usr/libexec/seserviced Secure Element interface /usr/libexec/sharingd Generic "Share" action handler /usr/libexec/SidecarRelay Use iDevice as a screen /usr/libexec/signpost_reporter Emergency recovery for iCloud Keychain /usr/libexec/streaming_zip_conduit Handle untrusted Zip content out of process /usr/libexec/swcd Shared Web Credentials /usr/libexec/tailspind Total and Complete Control - App privacy settings /usr/libexec/terminusd On-demand VPN /usr/libexec/thermalmonitord /usr/libexec/timed NTP Client /usr/libexec/tzd /usr/libexec/tipsd Tip of the day Ringtone library access /usr/libexec/transparencyd /usr/libexec/triald Apple A/B testing /usr/libexec/trustd PKI trust evaluation Apple TV remote app Twitter account handler /usr/libexec/tzlinkd Time Zones /usr/libexec/videosubscriptionsd Voice Memos /usr/libexec/watchdogd /usr/libexec/wcd /usr/libexec/webinspectord Webio account handler Host Access Point - Instant Hotspot /usr/libexec/wapic /usr/libexec/wifiFirmwareLoader Move the firmware from disk to the WiFi chip /usr/libexec/wifianalyticsd WiFi /usr/libexec/wifip2pd WiFi peer-to-peer /usr/libexec/wifivelocityd /usr/libexec/xpcroleaccountd