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Original author(s)semaphore
Initial release3.13.83 / 17 Sep 2009 (2009-09-17)[1]
(previously TinyTSS and The Firmware Umbrella)
Stable release
7.12.00 / 8 August 2014; 9 years ago
Preview release / 29 March 2015; 8 years ago
Written inJava
Operating systemWindows / macOS
Windows: 3,618,816 bytes (3.45 MiB)
Mac: 3,066,626 bytes (2.92 MiB)
Available inEnglish

TinyUmbrella is a combination of two earlier tools, both of which were written by semaphore. It requires Java and iTunes to be installed. (Windows users need the 32-bit version of Java, regardless of OS architecture).

  • Umbrella -- used to save the SHSH file of your iDevice to make it possible to later downgrade or restore the firmware. It even works with non-jailbroken devices.
  • TinyTSS -- local server used to playback saved SHSH files during an iTunes restore.

In addition, TinyUmbrella can also preserve the baseband on iPhone 4 (iPhone3,1) devices.

Quick Notes[edit]

  • If Cydia returns only some of the SHSHs you desired, it is because Cydia does not have the others. Sorry. Nothing you can do to get them.
  • TinyUmbrella needs admin privileges to listen on port 80 and to change your hosts file.
  • Mac users:
    • Fixing your permissions can help with the 255 error on startup.
    • Mac users that just cannot get TinyUmbrella to work properly -- Install TinyUmbrella to your /Applications directory then run /Applications/TinyUmbrella.app/Contents/MacOS/umbrella-tool from the Terminal.
    • Disable Web Sharing (System Prefs -> Sharing -> Uncheck Web Sharing)
  • Windows users: Disable IIS (see for more info). Also make sure Apache is not running.
  • All users: Disable Skype while running TinyUmbrella.
  • Custom devices can be added by entering "Manual ECID."
  • Apple TVs must be plugged into an outlet as well as USB. Make sure your Apple TV is plugged into the wall, then plug in via USB. Reboot your AppleTV and then start TinyUmbrella.

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