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Welcome to my user page.
Say hello to everyone!

I'm also a two-year-old macOS enthusiast.


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Welcome Template:UserName to my user page!

I am very aware that this is just the box at the top of the main page just edited a bit.

I have settled down in The iPhone Wiki. You are welcome to "come and have a look often". Let's communicate more. Together, we can turn this place into a common spiritual home, a place as warm as home. I will record some fresh and interesting things and share them with you. I also hope you can remember mine.

The iPhone Wiki address, like an old friend, often comes to visit-you can add "her" to your favorites, or copy "her" and tell your friends. I especially hope that I can know more good friends through you. If you still don't understand, please follow me to see some fun facts.

Fun facts about me

  • I was born in China, just like 一位史蒂夫 and Chko08022003.
  • I'm a registered macOS Insider since 13 April 2019.
  • I was tested many operating systems, including some Beta/GM[note 2] build of macOS Mojave and the macOS Sonoma[note 3].
  • I'm NOT satisfied with Chinese Internet censorship regulations.
  • I'm keep on trying on getting root access in Microsoft Windows. A method which cannot run explorer.exe through cmd after getting it can be found here (for system access) and here (for trusted installer access)[note 4].
  • I'm trying to reduce daily edits because not trying so my edit will be fully filled into Recent Changes.

My favourite builds

Inspired by User:宇文天启.

Can you look……

(Nothing here)


Image OS Will install on/installed on: Build Tag SKU Tried Virtualized Review
Mac OS X Leopard iMac (27-inch, Late 2009) Mac OS X Leopard build 9J3050 Template:Otakeys Personal / Retail 27 September 2016 (2016-09-27) This build is forced to be installed, generally, only the accompanying version Snow Leopard can be installed at least. Contrary to popular belief, the sidebar still exists, but it is invisible, meaning that gadgets can still be pinned to the sidebar. The "Internet/Email" icons that are on the start menu are automatically pinned on the Superbar and can be changed easily with the "Customize Start Menu" setting. It also appears that the superbar is slightly shorter by a few pixels on this build when compared to the preinstalled version Snow Leopard.

Template Gallery

Go to My User Page If you want to learn about me.

Or Go to My Talk Page if you want to have a little conversation about something.

If you would like some templates for your signature, you can copy them from my Sandbox Page or Template Choosing Page, just make sure to ask me first on my talk page!

My favourite pages

What I Saw And Heard On Before And Now

Chapter One

Fun Facts About Me and I Know

A. "ToolEyes" tool website which moved page from NiceTool. But not a little bit tool. It has many good tools.

B. My favorite revisioner can found in [1], [2] and [3], it also contains a user called and named 蒙曼.



  1. ^ Known as Shuzhai (書齋/书斋) in Chinese.
  2. ^ Later known as "RC".
  3. ^ For Sonoma system, I tested the latest builds.
  4. ^ I am also trying to allow running explorer.exe through cmd without losing root access.


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