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Marc Alexander Reed, known as g3hex, is a computer programmer -- generally motivated towards hacking -- from the United Kingdom. He's currently developing iOSO ('iOS Open'), a jailbroken custom firmware, intended to remove the need to update through iTunes, thus by doing so, loosing your jailbreak -- ultimately removing the need to re-jailbreak. The idea is to create an open-source parallel-existence of iOS, much like that of Open-iBoot (by planetbeing?).

g3hex is currently 16 years old, and living in Northern England. He started programming when he was 11, and hacking when he was 14 or so. He generally programs in C/++, but has experience with: Java, Assembler (IA16 Intel-style), C#, PHP, SQL, HTML, etc. (Of course, I generally wouldn't count the last one as too significant, but nonetheless should be included for clarification purposes.)

g3hex's experience generally covers developing multiple game engines (discontinued, to say the least). However, he occasionally works on system utilities, and has recently embarked on an iOS-orientated path of work -- *nix more so. He's a former member of a development team of 13 members called ShockCaliber. However, soon after the leaving of DevShock from the coalition, the team began to deteriorate, due to internal domestics regarding several members, whose names shall not be disclosed to the readers of this wiki. He later after embarked on yet another development team, with a programmer and an artist, from the previous team. Soon after this team changed from being that of a somewhat formal development group, aimed at game-development, to that of a generalised internet 'fellowship' -- more so a band of 'techsavies'; the team was named cosec-dev.

It is now, here in cosec (generally lower-case to show the hacking-orientation, which generally comes with laziness of typing), that g3hex is now developing iOSO, and several other non-disclosed projects, of no apparent public interest.