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Is this a Lib-USB Command?

Lib-Usb Command? You Tell Me!

/* testlibusb.c  from LQ*/ 

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <usb.h>

void print_endpoint(struct usb_endpoint_descriptor *endpoint) 
printf(" bEndpointAddress: %02xh\n", endpoint->bEndpointAddress); 
printf(" bmAttributes: %02xh\n", endpoint->bmAttributes); 
printf(" wMaxPacketSize: %d\n", endpoint->wMaxPacketSize); 
printf(" bInterval: %d\n", endpoint->bInterval); 
printf(" bRefresh: %d\n", endpoint->bRefresh); 
printf(" bSynchAddress: %d\n", endpoint->bSynchAddress); 

void print_altsetting(struct usb_interface_descriptor *interface) 
int i; 

printf(" bInterfaceNumber: %d\n", interface->bInterfaceNumber); 
printf(" bAlternateSetting: %d\n", interface->bAlternateSetting); 
printf(" bNumEndpoints: %d\n", interface->bNumEndpoints); 
printf(" bInterfaceClass: %d\n", interface->bInterfaceClass); 
printf(" bInterfaceSubClass: %d\n", interface->bInterfaceSubClass); 
printf(" bInterfaceProtocol: %d\n", interface->bInterfaceProtocol); 
printf(" iInterface: %d\n", interface->iInterface); 

for (i = 0; i < interface->bNumEndpoints; i++) 

void print_interface(struct usb_interface *interface) 
int i; 

for (i = 0; i < interface->num_altsetting; i++) 

void print_configuration(struct usb_config_descriptor *config) 
int i; 

printf(" wTotalLength: %d\n", config->wTotalLength); 
printf(" bNumInterfaces: %d\n", config->bNumInterfaces); 
printf(" bConfigurationValue: %d\n", config->bConfigurationValue); 
printf(" iConfiguration: %d\n", config->iConfiguration); 
printf(" bmAttributes: %02xh\n", config->bmAttributes); 
printf(" MaxPower: %d\n", config->MaxPower); 

for (i = 0; i < config->bNumInterfaces; i++) 

int main(void) 
struct usb_bus *bus; 
struct usb_device *dev; 


printf("bus/device idVendor/idProduct\n"); 

for (bus = usb_busses; bus; bus = bus->next) { 
for (dev = bus->devices; dev; dev = dev->next) { 
int ret, i; 
char string[256]; 
usb_dev_handle *udev; 

printf("%s/%s %04X/%04X\n", bus->dirname, dev->filename, 
dev->descriptor.idVendor, dev->descriptor.idProduct); 

udev = usb_open(dev); 
if (udev) { 
if (dev->descriptor.iManufacturer) { 
ret = usb_get_string_simple(udev, dev->descriptor.iManufacturer, string, sizeof(string)); 
if (ret > 0) 
printf("- Manufacturer : %s\n", string); 
printf("- Unable to fetch manufacturer string\n"); 

if (dev->descriptor.iProduct) { 
ret = usb_get_string_simple(udev, dev->descriptor.iProduct, string, sizeof(string)); 
if (ret > 0) 
printf("- Product : %s\n", string); 
printf("- Unable to fetch product string\n"); 

if (dev->descriptor.iSerialNumber) { 
ret = usb_get_string_simple(udev, dev->descriptor.iSerialNumber, string, sizeof(string)); 
if (ret > 0) 
printf("- Serial Number: %s\n", string); 
printf("- Unable to fetch serial number string\n"); 

usb_close (udev); 

if (!dev->config) { 
printf(" Couldn't retrieve descriptors\n"); 

for (i = 0; i < dev->descriptor.bNumConfigurations; i++)