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Hi I am AwaadCc but you can call me Awaad. I develop useful stuff for iOS like apps and tweaks. I am not new to the jailbreak community, i've been a jailbreak user ever since the iPod 4 was a thing. My friend told me about jailbreaking so like a noob I looked for it in the appstore then i googled it and did my research. I first used Redsn0w to jailbreak and then after realizing that its Tethered_jailbreak I then switched to something untethered. I still love jailbreaking and have some devices that are jailbroken but thats really it. I started off by developing an app called MSTORE but decided stopped MSTORE and all of my other apps and put them into one and its called Mmpunited_app. Thats all about me!

(Apps)[edit source]

MSTORE Version 8.0 (Discontinued)

SleepBoard Version 1.1 (Discontinued)

MMP United - MMP United App Version 1.0 (W.I.P)

Devices[edit source]

Device Color Firmware Type
MacBook Pro 15" 2015 Black and Silver El Capitan Personal
iPhone 6 Gold 10.0 (Beta 2) Personal
iPhone 5 Space Gray 9.1 Personal
iPod 4 Black 6.1.6 Personal
iPhone 5s Space Gray 8.2.1 Testing
iPhone 4 White 7.0 Testing
iPod 4 Black 6.1.6 Testing
iPad Air 1 White 9.1 Testing

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