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Hello, I'm Malenmon, or Zeal, I don't mind which

This is the Apple Emoji , which is pretty funny because people that do not view this page on an apple device then they see a box.

Some Background Info

I love everything made and designed by Apple, this includes all their devices, their Apple Stores and their video editing. I have an iPhone 4, 5, 5C, 6, 6s Plus and a 7 Plus. I mainly use my 6s Plus as it is on iOS 13 beta software and it has a custom Apple Logo that lights up. I also own an iPad (2nd gen.), iPad (4th gen.), iPad air (2nd gen.) and an iPad Pro (2nd gen.) as well as the original iPod and a 6th generation iPod touch. I also use a MacBook Pro 2015 as my main device, as well as a windows HP notebook because I can code most of my school projects on it. I regularly fix and restore old and broken apple devices and I'm thinking of starting a business with my friends. If for any reason you feel the need to contact me you can email me here at: or you can find me on twitter at: @malenmon or on instagram at: zeal_malenmon.

That's all I'm going to write down now until I either get the new iPhone 11 or 11 Pro Max. I hope you have a good day,

malenmon (V)(;,,;)(V)