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Well i'm Jerrick, Jerrick Davis to be exact. I started iOS development in 2011 when I started the iPad Dev Team with 5urd which we later merged with The Private Dev Team. The Private Dev Team was flawed in many ways and disbanded in early 2012, After which I decided to do Android Development. In Mid 2013 (at the time I am Writing this 7/21/13) I have decided to return to iOS Hacking.


iPod touch 4g iPhone 4
Received Dec 24th 2010 July 22 2013
Cost (Gift) US$200
Size 8GiB
Starting FW 4.1 (8B117) iOS 7.1 b5 (11D5099e)
Sold or Lost Gave to Brother for Birthday
Jailbroken? Yes Evasi0n7
Owned Yes Yes