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I'm Ryan.


i dont even f***ing keep track at this point i have too much money for that s***

Political Views

I've seen things you little pepes wouldn't believe.

Memes so spicy they burned the most notoriously criminal family-tree in America to the fucking ground. I watched with tears in my eyes as significantly less than 50% of the US population turned into pillars of salt on November 9th 2016. I've seen a brakeless train traveling at over seven times the speed of light come to an immediate halt at the gates of the White House. They will tell you it was beautiful, and you will feel proud. But you will never truly understand, little pepes. How it felt to be on the front lines, shitposting in all directions. The line between man and meme blurring until there was no distinction at all. For a short while, Kek walked among us. And it was glorious. [Grandpepe dies with a smile on his face.] Gr... Grandpepe? Leave him be, children. He's with the Donald now.