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animate (Package name: BootLogo, Package ID: org.chronic-dev.animate) is a software bundled in greenpois0n RC5 that enables users to display (a sequence of) PNG images on boot.

This approach has the advantage of being usable on all devices, regardless of their ability of accepting custom firmware, and supporting animated boot logos.

The original boot logo will always show first.

Notes for logo designers

The animation currently runs at about 5 frames per second.

A picture of the Apple logo is available at

Animations must be stored in png format in /Library/BootLogos/(animationName)/ and be listed in order, from 0.png to x.png.

Packages containing (animated) logos should depend on org.chronic-dev.animate.


The animate tweak has been released on Cydia but it is invisible for some reason. To install it, search and install a package named Apple boot logo (animate is a dependency). After the installation, a new tab will appear in the Settings app named BootLogos. Anyone having trouble keeping settings should be sure that /Library/BootLogos/ is chown mobile:mobile. Sometime uninstalling all boot animation packages and reinstalling fixes this issue.


animate conflicts with the package ImageMagick (Package ID: imagemagick). It has to be removed in order to successfully install animate. Currently, Cydia will not display a conflict, but the conflict is still there.


animate uses PreferenceLoader to add a new page to the Settings app.


Jaywalker's notes

Source Code

The Source Code was released on github