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The Apple Wiki:Privacy policy

From The Apple Wiki

Last updated: 14 March 2023 (2023-03-14)

The Apple Wiki is a community wiki, running the MediaWiki software, whose server infrastructure is sponsored by Hashbang Productions.

By continuing to use this website, you are confirming that you are age 13 or older. If you are not, do not proceed without consent from a parent or guardian.

Website logs

This website uses industry-standard web server logging. These are stored for 14 days before being automatically discarded. These include your IP address, user agent string (web browser identification), paths on the website you are requesting, and the URL you were referred to this site by, if applicable.

In the case of an error, detailed information may also be logged to assist in resolving the issue. This follows the same 14 day retention.


You may be required to complete a CAPTCHA when creating an account. This service is provided by hCaptcha, and is bound by their privacy policy. Your browser may also be scanned by Cloudflare, and is bound by their privacy policy. Upon creating an account, your IP address will be shared with third-party services to confirm it is not currently known to any spam blocklists.

When you create an account, we require your email address to send you a verification email. This is an anti-spam measure; access to perform edits on the wiki will be enabled once the email address is verified. Your email address will also be used to provide the password reset feature. After creating your account, notifications you request, such as from edits to pages on your watchlist, will be sent to this address. Notifications can be enabled or disabled at will via your preferences.

You may also allow other users of the wiki to send private emails to you, through the email user feature. Your email address will not be revealed to the user, unless you reply through your email client. This feature can be enabled or disabled at will via your preferences.

Your password is stored in an industry-standard, secure (hashed) form, allowing it to be used to authenticate you to the wiki, without wiki admins being able to determine your password.

Accounts that were imported from The iPhone Wiki, but have not yet been claimed by their owner, will share the provided password with The iPhone Wiki upon first login to confirm ownership.


Your contributions to the wiki will be publicly attributed to your username. You may optionally also provide your real name, to be displayed in the credits list of an article. Being a public wiki, many actions you take will be publicly listed in the wiki logs and edit history.

When you submit content for publishing, this content will remain on the server, probably indefinitely. In addition, it will forever be accessible to the public until "deleted." If content is "deleted" from the wiki, it will not be accessible to the public. However, the content will still remain on the server, and administrators will continue to have access to such information. This content remains on the server so in the event that content is accidentally deleted, the content can be restored. Administrators may look at, but will not maliciously utilize, any "deleted" content at their discretion.

Content hosted on The Apple Wiki may also be subject to protection. If content is protected, it will continue to be accessible to the public. However, only administrators will be capable of modifying the content, until either (a) the page is unprotected, or (b) the protection expires (if an expiration date was set for the protection).

Administrators are unable to look up identifiable information, including but not limited to your email address, or your password. Should there be reason to believe a user is engaging in disruptive activities on the wiki, administrators may review the IP addresses associated with user(s) they suspect of being involved in such activities, to determine if IP addresses need to be blocked to prevent further disruptive behavior. If you are banned, your content will still be available on The Apple Wiki, until the content is deleted.