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Original author(s)Apple Inc.
Written inSwift, Cocoa, C
Operating systemmacOS
Available inEnglish
LicenseOpen Source

Chess is a popular game embedded for macOS that reproduces the homonym game. It is the only game that is inserted into macOS and does not required any Internet connection to play with it. It supports a CPU player, and also playing through voice.

Chess allows you to view the chessboard in 3D orientation and choose from various types of piece and board aesthetics. It supports the declaration of moves with speech, either as player commands or as descriptions of those of the computer.

The computer's skill can be adjusted gradually between greater speed or greater difficulty, but still it is not a very capable opponent and is more suitable for beginner players. Chess introduces several chess variants such as Crazyhouse and Vinciperdi.

For the CPU player, Chess uses an engine called Sjeng that is based on Proof-Number Search. It is one of the best chess engine to use on multi-core devices, developed using C programming language. The code is available as a open-source repository to download through Apple Open Source website.