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iOS 16.0 Toolchains[edit]

There are currently two main "toolchains" available, distributed on the Elucubratus and Procursus toolchains respectively.


Includes llvm, lldb, clang, ldid, tapi, libtapi, and cctools-port


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iOS 9.3 Toolchain[edit]

The "iOS Toolchain" package on the BigBoss repo provides a useful toolchain capable of developing packages on jailbroken devices using the iOS SDK (tested up to the 9.3 SDK) It contains:
LLVM, Clang, and CompilerRT 3.7
LD64 253.3
Darwin CC Tools 877.5

When used with theos, these can produce binaries for arm, armv6, armv7, and armv7f using SDKS up to and including the iOS 6.1 SDK.


This is a comparison between compilers and toolchains for building iOS apps on device.

iphone-gcc LLVM+Clang for iOS
iOS SDK tools version 2.0 9.2
Maximum iOS SDK supported 3.2 9.3
Supported ARCHS arm, armv4t, armv6 armv4t, armv6, armv7, armv7f, armv7s, arm64
Compiler Version GCC 4.0 LLVM 3.7.1
CC Tools Version 286 877.5
Cydia Repo Hosted On Telesphoreo BigBoss
Last Updated On July, 2008 February 1, 2016
Maintainer saurik coolstar
Default Target arm-apple-darwin9 armv7-apple-darwin14
ARCH built for arm armv7
C++ version supported C++98 (from 1998) C++14 (from 2014)
Obj. C Version supported 2.0 2.0
Obj. C Blocks (4.0 SDK+) Supported? No Yes
Obj. C ARC (5.0 SDK+) Supported? No Yes
Obj. C Literals+Autosynthesize (5.1 SDK+) Supported? No Yes
Linking with tbd files (9.0 SDK+) Supported? No Yes