Dev:SpringBoardServices.framework/MIG subsystem

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This page lists all known MIG subsystems of SpringBoardServices.framework in version 3.1.


General characteristics

Bootstrap service name (none)
Subsystem server symbol __SBXXSBAccelerometer_subsystem
Server prefix _SBXX
Client prefix ?
Routine IDs 980,665
Routines count 1
Client interface


ID Routine & Arguments High-level server receiver High-level client call
980,665 DeliverAccelerometerEvent
(mach_port_t server, double timeStamp, float x, float y, float z, unsigned eventType)
-[id<SBSAccelerometerDelegate> accelerometer:didAccelerateWithTimeStamp:x:y:z:eventType:] -[SBAccelerometerInterface accelerometerDataReceived:x:y:z:type:]