HoneyBee (Internal Settings)

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The HoneyBee subsection, under the Applications sections in Internal Settings, contains a variety of option & toggles. HoneyBee's purpose seems to be to send data of internal iDevices to Apple.

Image displaying the HoneyBee section in Internal Settings


Toggles (Under no section)

  • Enable HoneyBee

Toggles (HoneyBee Services Section)

  • Process WiFi Logs
  • Process NearField Logs
  • Process Location Logs
  • Process HomeKit Logs
  • Process Bluetooth Logs
  • Process Telephony Logs
  • Process VOIP Logs

Toggles (Log Uploads Section)

  • Allow Log Uploads

HoneyBee Disclaimer

Under the "HoneyBee Services" section, there is a toggle, with the following text:

HoneyBee will automatically send detailed logs to Apple, these logs include both personal and non personal information, but will not include the health/location data, the location of the device, Apple Pay payments, direct readings of sensors, or the contents of user communications