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Apple likes to leave various strings throughout its binaries and libraries in iOS. You can find them by running strings <binary name> on OS X. Some of the more interesting/entertaining ones are posted here.

BackupAgent[edit source]

Dealing with a 5.0-5.2 inner manifest. Mistakes were made, but we're going to do our best to recover
Refusing to backup with a 5.0-5.2 inner manifest. You're going to have to throw this out and do it over again, buddy.
The safe harbor data for %@ has overstayed its welcome (%@). Mothballing it
We were handed an encrypted backup but we don't have a password. Throwing out this manifest and creating a fresh, unencrypted one
Backup request received from a new backup protocol version. Let's do the versioning dance. Our version: %@
Talking to an old version. Jumping straight to the action and sending files
Ok, that was fun. Really beginning the backup.
Could not flock the restore running file at %@. This restore may be a bit bumpy...
Looks like this is a magic restore. We'll be keeping all your settings intact for this one...
Thanks for the Memories
%s is being feisty. Sending it a SIGKILL
%s decided it didn't want to play well with others and refused to exit. We're going to continue with the backup/restore anyway and hope for the best.
No help is available for BackupAgent at this time. You probably don't need to pass any arguments anyway.
Could not get the mobile user's passwd struct. We'll try %@ just in case, but things will probably go downhill from here.

Kernelcache[edit source]

2.1.1[edit source]

They like to say "WTF?" in here. The context doesn't exactly suggest they're referring to WTF.

[%u.%09u] : %s:%s(): Chip Failure, Smacking WiFi chip! (count = %lu / %lu)
%s: WTF?  Timer handler expired and there is no pending command
%s::%s(): super failed to init!
%s::%s(): WTF?  The beacon list is NULL
%s::%s(): WTF?  Got a BRCM packet but an OUI/SUBTYPE mismatch
%s::%s(): WTF?? Got an event packet!!!
%s::%s(): ACK, there are outstanding commands to process!!!
%s::%s(): WTF, the command wasn't sent, nothing is safe now!
%s::%s(): WTF, there is no pending command
%s::%s(): WTF, the pending command hasn't been sent
%s::%s(): ACK, no free commands left!!!!
AppleMRVL868x: super failed to init!
%s::%s(): Command (%s) Timeout! - invoking hand of god
AppleMRVL868x: WTF?  Our Provider isn't an IOSDIOIoCardDevice?

3.0[edit source]

AppleUSBEthernetDevice::%s: super failed

IOP Firmware[edit source]

console is dead, Jim

Keybagd[edit source]

4.1[edit source]

Can't load the keybag. tears in rain... Time to die
Oh No! Kernel doesn't like this keybag:0x%08x. System is probably lost.
Huh? can't load the bag. That makes no sense
Doh! Can't rename %s to %s: %s
Gah! Can't remove %s: %s
Out of Memory!!! Dying!...so...cold....

installd[edit source]

4.3.5[edit source]

Out of Memory!!! Dying!...so...cold....
Weird. Can't determine my device class
Weird- can't find identifier for removal
Uh, prisoner %s got away!?

lockdownd[edit source]

4.0[edit source]

Really!? Can't determine the device name!? Really!?
Invalid ack! Ack. Ack. Ack.
Wakey Wakey Buddy!
Suck it, McBain.
Not waking buddy because wireless sync is not allowed right now
Here's to the crazy ones.
Up shit creek. No paddle.
I am ignoring your unlock code. There is nothing you can do about it.
That being said, I am setting the activation state to Unlocked.
Setting the activation state to MismatchedIMEI. Dude, where's your baseband?
Setting the activation state to MismatchedICCID. Put that other SIM back in.
Setting the activation state to MissingSIM. Put that SIM back in, dude.
Setting the activation state to FactoryActivated. Helloq OQC.
Setting the activation state to SoftActivation. Hello AppleCare.
This is some kinda fpga: %s
Disabling activation short-circuit because DisableHactivation is set 

4.1[edit source]

Our buddy went away
Our buddy is here!
Might wake my buddy

4.3.3[edit source]

Timezone shenanigans
dirtied by changing %s
FPGA workaround enabled, no fairplay bringup
Short circuiting activation state to Activated.
Hmmm, we're missing the post URL but continuing.
Turned airplane mode off since we're unactivated
But allowing simless activation
This host ID is lame
The activation record did not contain the necessary key data thingy
HEY!!!!! %s attempting to get [%s]:[%s]- Use MobileOracle instead of lockdown please!
Gah! Can't create mutable copy
Weird. Missing the pair record.
Must be within a session to enter recovery mode via WiFi
Could not determine whether or not we support WiFi syncing!
Very bad.

4.3.5[edit source]

 Could not create mutable dictionary! We are dead!
 Could not allocate key list. We are dead.
 Could not create mutable copy! We are dead!

5.0[edit source]

kIOMessageSystemHasPoweredOn (%s): Now witness the firepower of this fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL battle station!

6.1.6[edit source]

Timezone shenanigans
Short Packet - no wakey
we weren't woken by magic
Setting the activation state to SoftActivation. Do you have a K94?

libMobileGestalt[edit source]

7.0[edit source]

diagnostic data isn't chicken, it's beef

Mobile_obliterator [1][edit source]

"buffy_summers", "Could not kill the daemons: %d"
And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee.

4.3.3[edit source]

lol, wut: %s
Could not find Revocable Storage! Reverting to stupid wipe.
The USB device controller could not be found. It's cool.
Erasing all Image3 firmware images, Firmware is gone?!

softwareupdated[edit source]

8.1.2[edit source]

No matching update brains found
Update brain asset in unexpected paused state - resuming download
Failed to resume download - we are boned
Failed to download update brain: %@
Failed to download update brain
Could not cancel update brain download on %@
Failed to query for installed update brains
Failed to purge update brain asset
Could not determine disk space requirements for update brain asset
Failed to query for update brains
Failed to adjust brain download options: %@
Failed to cancel update brain: %@
Failed to install update brain: %@
Error locating installed update brain: %@
No update brain is installed
Failed to load update brain trust cache
Loading update brain bundle at %s
Update brain connection handler

softwareupdateservicesd[edit source]

8.1.2[edit source]

Previous update asset hadn't yet finished brain loading (downloading, verifying, or extracting).  Resuming brain download...
Brain download cancelled.
Asset brain loader should be nil.