Low Power Mode (Internal Settings)

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The Low Power Mode subsection in Internal Settings under the Applications section contains configurable options & information concerning the device's Low Power Mode

An image showing the Low Power Mode section in Internal Settings


Low Power Mode (No Section)

A toggle to toggle Low Power Mode on and off, underneath it is footer text written:
Disabled at (date last disabled, in the format mm-dd time) at (charge when disconnected)% charge
(day) day(s) (hour) hours(s) (minute) minute(s) ago

Disable When Battery Level Exceeds

This section contains:

  • A slider for the battery percentage Low Power Mode should be turned off when exceeded.
  • A button labeled Disable on A/C , with footer text underneath labaled: Disable at any level when connecting charger
  • A slider with footer text underneath labeled: Allow discretionary tasks when on charger and batter above this level (default:30%)
  • A slider labeled Backlight reduction percentage (default:20%)