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NOR typically refers to the NOR flash chip the application processor boots from. The baseband also uses a NOR flash. (See Wikipedia's article about flash memory for background on NOR flash in general.)

How to Access[edit]

This can be accessed using a patched iBoot or a kernel hack. It can possibly be dumped using /dev/kmem

Memory Map[edit]

Offset Description
0x0 Configuration Data
  • 0x0: "2GMI" fourcc
  • 0x4: Block Size (0x40)
  • 0x8: Images Section Location Offset
  • 0xC: Images Section Location (In blocks)
  • 0x10: Images Section Length
  • 0x30: Checksum of this config data
0x4000 SysCfg Section
0x8000 Images Section
0xFC000 NVRAM Section (Note: This copy is the one iBoot uses)
0xFE000 NVRAM Section (copy)