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Initial release9 April 2022; 22 months ago
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Written inObjective-C
Operating systemiOS
Available inEnglish
Release History
v0.0.19 April 2022; 22 months ago
v0.111 April 2022; 22 months ago

NoFreeAppLimit is a tweak by HAHALOSAH that allows more than 3 apps to be installed with a free developer account. It was moved to Havoc repo on 11 April 2022. This is possible due to how the 3 app limit is only enforced upon installation. The tweak works by hooking [MIFreeProfileValidatedAppTracker refs] and providing a blank mutable set. It also hooks [UIView init], gets user defaults via [NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults], and sets activeAppsLimit to 0x0, and returns the modified user defaults - this part doesn't handle the actual 3 app limit but rather is a fix for AltStore. It injects into installd and AltStore.