OTA Updates/iPod touch/12.5.1

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iPod touch (6th generation)

Users still running older versions of iOS (up to 9.3.5) are now presented with a dummy update file, and are instructed to use iTunes to install software updates. a

Version Build Prerequisite Version Prerequisite Build Release Date OTA Download URL File Size
12.5.1 16H22 11 January 2021 4f0f4db931dcbfd49a33438ca17b23b594e43f0f.zip 2,097,781,821
12.5 16H20 eaaf0a67ba39c3735bbabdf9d6319bb6bba3ec1c.zip 32,470,755
12.4.9 16H5 0df6a9f6cfa7b37ee7605452b8775b3696f89b43.zip 194,997,280