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iPod touch (5th generation)[edit source]

Version Build Prerequisite Version Prerequisite Build Release Date Release Type OTA Download URL File Sizes
8.1.1 12B435[1] 8.1.1 beta 12B432 17 November 2014 Beta b532c86dfc081747c33befca94e6d7ed7642877f.zip 1,526,164,769
7.1 11D167 dddc139d2e68d18a1161745d25489ac5a51298f5.zip 977,775,397
7.1.1 11D201 10cb4c297db814007f8288c5af6517606220735f.zip 977,792,386
7.1.2 11D257 462b193529b5cb32fbcd5c28342e5c37bc547a8c.zip 977,744,538
8.0 12A365 2da6f3e4829fcfec8b2b54a1124140b1f28735fe.zip 182,954,516
8.0.1 12A402 dbf6c1e9d12ef62ca168cef2771efb061c0e5ce1.zip 137,156,274
8.0.2 12A405 c9a7e1c38c96e65089b7fae309308c7d3bf78bca.zip 137,163,265
8.1 12B411 89375bd8b2763d535bbfbff75b51edc4c3381c0e.zip 100,466,267

Notes[edit source]

  1. ^ Apple inflated the build number in its mesu.apple.com listing, presumably to make the device recognize the update. (e.g. 12F61 was listed as 12F5061.) The listings on this page use the build number displayed on the device.