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Onword is an internal game for testing Game Center. It was developed by Ken Kocienda.

The player must form words from a random set of seven letters. Similar to Scrabble, each letter has a point value, and the point values are combined when a word is formed. Each game runs for exactly one minute.

Full Game Center functionality is still present even today, and you can still invite players and matchmake with up to 4 players without issue. There is also a singleplayer mode available for practice.


There are seven achievements for Onword in Game Center.

  • 5 Letter word - Complete a five letter word (50 Points).
  • Six Letter Word - Complete a six letter word (50 Points).
  • Seven Letter Word - Complete a seven letter word (100 Points).
  • Word with Q - Complete a word with the letter Q (50 Points).
  • Hidden Achievement (100 Points)
  • X-rated - Complete a word with the letter X (50 Points).
  • Hidden Achievement (50 Points)


Onword keeps track of every game played, word completed, and averages.

  • Your Best Games Ever - A list of games played in order of high to low score.
  • Your Best Words Ever - A list of words completed in order of high to low points, along with the date and time.
  • Your Averages - A list of averages in different areas of the game. It includes:
    • Total Games Played
    • Average Game Score
    • Average Words Per Game
    • Average Word Score
    • Average Word Length