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PurpleRestore 3
Original author(s)Apple Inc.
Developer(s)Apple Inc.
Stable release
3.0 (251) (13A165)
(latest known version)
Operating systemmacOS
Available inEnglish
TypeFirmware flasher
LicenseClosed source

About[edit source]

PurpleRestore3 appears to be the latest version of PurpleRestore semi available to the public. This build was released publicly on @info_iosx's Twitter account but the link has since resulted in a 404. The application name itself is PurpleRestore3 and it comes in the package known as RestoreTools3 (shasum: 99225e28692121cd1c93b3faa7ae489135c9bca4). RestoreTools3 is a development version of PurpleTools, and also has some other utilities in it that aren't available in the older leaked version.

Interface[edit source]

The PurpleRestore3 GUI has been completely redone with a more user-friendly user interface, looking nothing like previous builds. It includes most features that are in previous leaked builds of PurpleRestore. It also has a wiki, but it most likely requires access to Apple's VPN to load properly.

Features[edit source]

PurpleRestore3 allows you to flash a custom boot logo, but it seems to have to be decrypted. I'm guessing that it makes a new IMG3 container for the image, and discards the old one before flashing to the correct place in NAND/NOR.

Other Tools in RestoreTools3[edit source]

DCSD refuses to load as some signed PList files are missing, and you still need AppleConnect to install INTERNAL bundles, but everything else works fine.

Shoutouts[edit source]

This tool was originally gotten from info_iosx, so special shout-outs go to him.

See More[edit source]

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