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PwnStrap is a collection of programs to bootstrap the loading of a new limera1n exploit-based PwnageTool image.

Procedure[edit source]

  1. irecovery -s
  2. setenv boot-args 2
  3. setenv auto-boot false
  4. saveenv
  5. Run greenpois0n; it will stop on a white screen
  6. Extract iBSS from your custom image
  7. irecovery -f iBSS
  8. irecovery -s
  9. setenv boot-args 0
  10. saveenv
  11. go image decrypt 0x41000000
  12. go jump 0x41000040
  13. Restore firmware with iTunes

You will need one of the new binaries posted below if you have an Apple TV (2nd generation)

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