Serial Number Reader

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Serial Number Reader
Original author(s)Apple Inc.
Developer(s)Apple Inc.
Stable release
1.0.10 (105)
Operating systemmacOS
Size1,469,134 bytes [APP]
Available inEnglish
LicenseClosed source

Serial Number Reader is a specialized application used by Apple authorized technicians for reading the serial number off of an iOS device's logic board. It is used during repairs to retrieve the S/N if the device is unable to power on or otherwise communicate with a computer.

USB Serial Number Reader.

When using the application, the technician must have a special-purpose device called the USB Serial Number Reader (commonly referred to as a SNR cable). Easily identifiable by its odd shape and double-arrow glyph on the lightning connector, the USB Serial Number Reader is only obtainable by authorized technicians at authorized repair locations.

When the cable and device are attached, the device images will turn white and the application will process for around three seconds as the cable's and device's serial numbers are fetched. When the process is complete, the serial numbers will display above the device images, and a barcode will be generated and displayed below the iPhone image.

Serial Number Reader and the SNR Cable support iPhone 5 and later.