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The Apple Wiki:User rights

From The Apple Wiki
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Here is an explanation of each user group that exists on this wiki.

You can see a detailed list of the MediaWiki rights each group has at the User group rights special page.

Group View wiki Edit wiki Bypass CAPTCHAs Edit protected pages Notes
Logged-out users
Yes No No No To prevent spam, logged-out users can only view the wiki. To edit it, you must create an account and verify your email address.
Yes No No No The baseline permissions for accounts on The Apple Wiki.
Email address confirmed
Yes Yes No No Once your email address is verified, you can begin editing the wiki. You will be occasionally required to fill CAPTCHAs to prevent spam.
Autoconfirmed users
Yes Yes Yes Yes After you've edited the wiki for some time, you receive the full set of permissions we provide to standard users.

The following are groups that are only provided to trusted users.

Group Notes
Bots are allowed to make heavier use of the MediaWiki API for the purpose of maintaining the wiki.
Check users
Trusted people who are able to review IP addresses of users, in cases of spam or abuse where a stronger block may be required. Use of this feature is logged to prevent abuse.
Interface administrators
Trusted people who can edit styles and scripts on the wiki.
Trusted people who have almost complete control over the wiki. A list of administrators can be retrieved from the user list.