About Me

I'm a registered user at The iPhone Wiki since July 15, 2010. I'm from Austria and testing jailbreaks and help people to get out of a boot loop or give some information what they have to do and if they can jailbreak their device. I'm also trying to find and fix iPhone problems.


I bought my first Apple product , an iPod Nano 3G, silver, (4GB) in October 2007. In September 2008, I bought my first iPod touch 1G (8GB). I did my first jailbreak in August 2009. My friends said a jailbreak is dangerous and can damage a device, but now I know that wasn't true. :P I bought my first iPhone, a black iPhone 3GS (32GB) in October 2009. Since July 2010, I have had an iPhone 4 and I'm happy that I don't need an unlock. I will buy an iPad but I think I will wait until I can buy the 2nd generation with a camera and/or more RAM.

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