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Let's keep things civilized ;) Negative statements and accusations, no matter how true and justified, don't interest the majority of users.


He leaked it, not published it ;) -wEsTbAeR--


I think we should create a policy right from the inception of this wiki regarding the balance of credit and blame, facts and history. There are many... *cough* strong personalities involved in various aspects of the iPhone homebrew scene, and due to the clashing of some of these personalities many enemies have been created and multiple interpretations of the timeline have been debated endlessly on forums and blogs. While historical, these events are somewhat less than relevant to the interests of wiki readers, and they have every possible chance of descending into edit-wars and flame-fests. I think we all feel that topics should be presented from a factual and neutral point-of-view. My recommendation is that the policy of the iPhone wiki should be to give credit where credit is due, but remove instances of blame and ill-will. Credit is great. Blame adds nothing useful to the discussion. With a constructive atmosphere built on credit, we will attract useful contributions from both sides of the issue. -Vaumnou


although a little bit of humor never hurt anyone ;)

btw, people that are new to wiki commenting, use the + button at the top of this page

ChronicDev 23:48, 28 July 2008 (UTC)